2015 was an eventful year for us – literally. We were privileged as a company to be part of several major Blockchain, Bitcoin and Fintech conferences as well as meetups. We were there as experts, sponsors and guests, depending on the opportunities that presented themselves. Having stated that, our confidence in the Blockchain technology could not let us stay away from any event we were in a position to join.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you three of the many events we were part of in the course of the year.

Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong

This event (see more here) took place between the 14th and 15th of May, 2015. Apart from being a platform for discussing everything from the regulatory environment to block size scalability, it was a perfect opportunity for startups in the cryptocurrency space to showcase both their hardware and software innovations.

The who-and-who of the cryptocurrency space were well represented. Bitcoin Foundation founding Member and Board Advisor Roger Ver (@rogerkver) was there as a keynote speaker. So was BnkToTheFuture’s Simon Dixon (@SimonDixonTwitt), Evan Mo of BTC123.com/BTCBBS.com and Leonhard Weese, who is the President of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

In total, there were over fifty top executives from the blockchain industry in attendance.

Among the issues that were conversed about was the potential of the Blockchain to solve real problems in both the private and public sectors.

inside bitcoins
Inside Bitcoins – Bitcoins 2.0 and Blockchain Startup. What really matters?


On the first day of the conference, Marcelo Garcia Casil (@excessuk), the CEO and Co-Founder DXMarkets, was on the panel that discussed “the blockchain (Bitcoin 2.0) being the ‘real’ opportunity for those who didn’t get an early jump on Bitcoin”

Others on that panel included Kevin Beardsley (@kevinhbeardsley), who is Head of Business Development at Elliptic, Pavel Kravchenko, the Chief Cryptographer at Tembusu Systems, Malcolm Palle (@malcolmpalle) of Coinsilium Group, SatoshiLabs’ Alena Vranova (@AlenaSatoshi), Bitshares’ Denny Wang and Seedcoin’s Co-Founder and Chief Start Up Officer  Eddy Travia (@startupeddy), who served as the moderator.


Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit (APTAS15)

On 24th July, it was the turn for the Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. It was sponsored by WatersTechnology, a business and technology news site. See event programme here.

Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit (APTAS15)

Some of the takeaways for the participants included the acknowledgment that Web/HTML is the new front end standard trading platform. The native desktop apps are losing the edge and being phased out.

It was therefore opined that the infrastructure that runs on the cloud, such as the blockchain, should no longer be seen as just disruptive, but rather the new norm. As a matter of fact, commercial Banks that are not embracing the new technology will not be cost-competitive.

Meanwhile, however, most commercial banks are now actively researching the blockchain technology and exploring its use-cases.

Most experts at the meeting agreed that this, alongside regulators being more open for talks with the industry instead of simply regulating or penalizing, creates an opportunity for blockchain start-ups. This is especially true given that there is a huge gap in knowledge and understanding of blockchain by most commercial banks.

Mr. Marcelo Garcia Casil joined the midday panel session on adopting cutting-edge technologies such as the blockchain to increase competitiveness in bionic trading desk. The panel was moderated by Anthony Bowyer, who is the Co-Chair, Singapore Working Group. Others on the panel were Barry White, Associate Director at FICC and Nirav Parikh, Director, Head of Electronic Trading at CITI.

Later on in the day, at a ‘Drill down round table’, an interactive session where attendees had the opportunity to ‘drill down into the specifics of issues that were important to them’, Mr. Marcelo Garcia Casil served as the expert on the next generation of trading platforms.


Last but not least, on the 11th of July our CEO and Co-founder joined a panel of experts at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, Singapore, for JetLounge. This was an event organized by Jetcoin, an altcoin that seeks to revolutionize sports management on the blockchain. See more information about the event here.

Attendees got to be introduced to the blockchain technology and let in on a discussion about the impact of the decentralized public ledger in the global economy. Ways individuals, companies and public authorities can benefit from it were also explored.

Apart from Marcelo Garcia Casil, who was the moderator of the event, other main speakers included Markus Gnirck (@mgnirck), the Co-founder and Global COO Startupbootcamp FinTech,  Anson Zeall (@AnsonZeall), Chairman ACCESS (Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups, Singapore) and Andras Kristof (@akomba), Co-founder & CEO Tembusu Systems.

Others were David Lee Kuo Chuen, Professor of Quantitative Finance Practice, Sam Ahmed, Managing Director Deriv Asia and Lee Gibson of Grant Coinstructors.

As the curtain falls on the year, we look forward to continuing being part of similar Blockchain initiatives in the New Year.

What would you want us to do more in 2016? Share your insights with us.